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A father of three boys with a degree in technology, and another in gaming and simulation programming. Been writing since high school, developed scripts for plays, played numerous lead rolls and a few acknowledgements. Returned to writing in earnest while facing some personal challenges a couple years back. As life lessons were learned, the next move was critical in bringing a few stories to life that would be shared with both children and adults alike; a rewarding experience it has been. Currently working diligently to make all my projects a great success, which would act as a foundation for future projects. The story that is currently out online, is a heartwarming tale of love, betrayal and redemption, Lion with No Roar follows the main character Buptavius as he come of age under difficult conditions. Lion with No Roar has already received rave reviews from children and adults alike in the USA as well as the UK – where a few libraries and schools have already received a few successful visits.

Because of Cornell’s strengths, he approaches his roles and his written stories with a great deal of intensity. Instinctively, he tends to be a very good adviser and motivational speaker to many individuals. When offering suggestions, or asking questions, he is probably more engaged, intense, and involved than usual. He now has been investing a lot of time, effort, and energy in winning followers.

He has grown to realize the backing of loyal individuals is essential in life. Driven by talents, he labors tirelessly when he knows his performance and results are being compared to those of other people.

Instinctively, he lives peacefully with many types of people. Always seeking opportunities to cooperate with outsiders. Cornell loves talking with strangers, working with them on new projects, and has a keen appreciation of past events and an accurate understanding of historic figures. It’s very likely that sometimes he tries to include people in groups so no one is ignored, left out, or overlooked.

Driven by his talents, sometimes seldom clueless about what to say.

Follow Cornell Bunting on his path to success.

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A Man About His Dream

This man, woke up with a big and scary dream
Holding his head as he thinks to the scary dream and decides
How bad do I want this dream? as he asked,
wondering what that would look like, he wasn’t ready
Could he really be the story teller in his dream? not as a dreamer, but the author.
Remembering and realizing his responsibilities as a father
What does the sacrifice look like to gain what this scary dream has to offer?

Oh no! he got compromise, now lock away for ten months
Facing a 32 year to life in prison on a fabricated story
Now he sits in the cell confused, angry, unsure of that scary dream.
I should give it all up and try to enjoy this new life he walked around telling himself.
A dark place found him, find another path, incoming raving suggestions
A light shine at him through the cracks, voices approach, what about your three boys?
The voice still talking, conversation going, this is temporary, you need to write”, Man, eyes fill with tears, he agrees, not knowing what the unknown is, but he trust. The voice again, many challenges ahead, but walk with me, I got you behind those bars feeling the purpose
Thinking of the end goal, a point to it all, movements in the mind.

Voices again think back on that dream, your wait will soon be over, trust, obey, your three boys await. The mind starts to think of a clear path, all these inmates, need to get away
ROAR voices shouting, find a corner, put it in a book, you’re a Leo
This place is temporary place don’t define you, dark, yes! but the light found you stop thinking of people that won’t even believe you, in those very moments make notes, he walks back and forth talking to himself.
The voice approach, some have already turn their backs, it’s okay, the creator got you.

Man started to look up, seeing nothing, mind wondering, still seeing bars
Trust was the feel, could this be a beautiful road ahead, could I really put all this behind? “man ask himself, bowy, still seeing a dark road, jail guard looking with sad judgement, but remember the light
have found, pay attention to the cracks voice said, man, now thinking, if the light has found me, why I’m I not seeing that light?" The light was
leading and wanted man to follow.
Sleeping after writing eighty sixty thousand words, hearing a lot of noise in the cell what is going on right here? so clouded The voice, tune them out, the only noise that matters is mine, so you keep me in your head, I
have created a beautiful path, you need to wake up, no need for fuss.
The hope of seeing what the outside look like a great feel had, movements to creating a world the three boys would be proud of was the goal.

Woke up another day to the same food and what was describe as refreshment, this was not acceptable. The voice came back, you should look for greatness, now the momentum is with you, let’s go to
Man walking around looking as lap thirty-five is made in the cell lounge, thinking his next move need to be his best move.
Voices again, what people think of you, is none of your business, movement. Failing was not an option for man about his dream, and avoiding that was priority The storms were a heavy storm, and the need to stay firm was important. Voices came back It’s movement time and you need to hold on, once you get on this train the scary part of your dream will approach, no turning back now.

The responsibilities ahead were now looking, Rajay, Kamryn and Karter all look with a big face question, seriously dad, what’s going on?
Voice question, with all this ahead, will you be a Leader or a follower, you will need to choose. The one that set all goals will achieve greatness, leading the pack After a hundred-jail cell lounge lap walk, thinking I could call this a failure, if nothing was learning from the experience, keep going was the motion.

The story didn’t write it self, voices found the mind and put it to work
Interacting, getting out of the comfort zone, fresh air awaits
The why was always there, but the what and who was in the unknown
The design of this dream was one to be reckon with, as one establishes this beautiful calculation This Faith does not standalone, the voice is strong and give enormous encouragements finally, this man about his dream realize that a dream looking so beautiful must be lived
Waking up from this nightmare was not a dream, jail did happen, a whole ten months of it. Now the possibilities for the unknown was still to come, and the man about his dream was ready to face all challenges.

UK Productions81%
US Productions64%
CAN Productions27%

Published Game Designer

Nostril Synopsis

Nostril is an action, drama-mystery video game designed for children
(7 yrs + and gamers). The game-play closely follows the storyline
based on the original Children’s book Nostril adventures written by
published writer, Cornell Bunting.
Nostril is a unique, adventurous and intriguing game that features
Nostril, a mouse, with the uncanny gift of smell who is able to identify
the finest of cheeses. – a sure hit among young gamers. Nostril can
sniff out even the most subtle differences between various cheeses
with his unusual very large nose – a real asset for a mouse who is
unable to survive on mere ordinary cheese.
This sensory video game surrounds itself around Nostril’s quest for
survival, while on a mission to protect the most valuable cheese from
his evil nemesis, Roscoe.
Roscoe, is an evil rat who wants to covet the most valuable cheese –
Gold Dust cheese (Clauson Stilton), which is filled with flecks of real
gold. Gold that will allow Roscoe to acquire and surpass the powers
to Nostril. This power could allow him to become immortal and he
could not only overtake the mouse world but ultimately annihilate
Nostril. Because of this, Nostril must make it his mission to ultimately
protect the Gold Dust cheese from ever being found or obtained by
Roscoe and other common street rat’s who continuously make it a
challenge for Nostril to find cheese during his quests.
Each quest has Nostril seeking survival by finding various types of
cheeses. Each cheese gives Nostril power, enhances his unique
ability of smell, and provides him with the advanced tools he needs to
fight off his enemies including Roscoe, his primary foe.
Nostril is a fun filled mystery game. Each quest is unique Nostril and
takes the user through layouts of real homes, neighborhoods, and
communities in search of nourishment for sustainment along the way
while on the quest for supreme power. Nostril offers engaging battles
for survival and offers new challenges and exciting features for users
to look forward to at every level.

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You are a phenomenal speaker my friend. You should consider teaching..One of my students thought that you are teaching in FGCU and wanted to register for your classes. When I asked why, the answer was “he is passionate in his delivery and so inspirational”. Thanks for imparting your amazing knowledge and experience so passionately. Love you brother Cornell W Bunting.

I must say Cornell is a true visionary leader, he stands out from others by his visions, I wouldn’t say his intelligence have much to do with his actions.


I have known Mr. Bunting to be an exceptional performer. More important, Cornell demonstrates passion, enthusiasm, and dedication while at the same time performing high levels of leadership skills that enhance his individual work and teamwork.In fact, I have witnessed others who come to work being more productive, happier and with less stress simply because of Mr. Bunting’s teamwork approach to job assessment, design, development, implementation and evaluation. He not only works well with everyone as a calm respected team player, but also as a thoughtful team leader, who is appreciated by others who he helps daily to reach personal goals.

Mr. Bunting also exhibits a high level of integrity and commitment to his work. He has excellent communication and preparation skills and is well versed as a content expert on many subjects including problem solving and teambuilding. Frankly, he takes his work and leadership skills very seriously.

Mr. Bunting would definitely be an asset to any field he becomes involves with and to any organization that helps others seek positive change.

In my opinion, Cornell’s unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to his life’s purpose and as a person of excellence and passion for excellence show strong morals and character. He is a trustworthy individual. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Cornell anytime.

If you have any questions regarding Cornell or this recommendation, please contact me.

Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D.
Robert A. Fahey, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Psychology, Career Success
Former Dean of Academic Affairs

Me and my friends ran into Cornell at LEGO-LAND, something about him made me and my friend wanted to say hi, we did and he is an awesome dude to talk with. He sounds very creative, has a lot going on, we are looking forward to his video game that he has coming out. we will be following him closely. A cool soul.

Aron Arnold
Media Personel
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