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Cornell Bunting’s New Book Escaping The Darkness Is Poised To Inspire Readers To Find Their Purpose In The Face Of Adversity

The search for one’s purpose is often an arduous journey riddled with challenges and roadblocks. The path we pave for ourselves is never easy, but there is an undeniable sense of beauty in adversity. Cornell Bunting hopes to inspire his audience to see all the hardships we face in a better light. He does this through his brand new book entitled “Escaping the Darkness.”
Riding the wave of the massive success of his previous book, “Escaping a Life Sentence,” Cornell Bunting undoubtedly returns with “Escaping the Darkness.” Ultimately, Bunting has taken it upon himself to build up his readers by opening their minds to their true purpose in life. His latest book aims to guide people towards personal development and self-discovery. To the uninitiated, Cornell Bunting is a definitive authority when it comes to stories of hardships and struggles. As he plucks his words from his personal experiences of incarceration, he hopes that his life story will resonate with each and every one of his readers. After being sentenced to 32 years of life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit, Bunting has emerged as a new person, and he hopes that other people will do the same. Cornell Bunting is a passionate author who hopes to spread his positive influence to young adults and full-grown adults much like him. His positive message rings true in these dark and trying times, and “Escaping the Darkness” is a testament to his remarkable writing talent. He firmly believes that it is only by living a life full of purpose that people will find meaning in their existence. “Above all else, life is about finding one’s purpose. For the one who has found his or her purpose, life is beautiful,” he eloquently expressed. “For the one who is living devoid of purpose, life can be an intolerable hell,” added Bunting. It’s true that when a person without purpose hits a brick wall and faces a massive undertaking, they tend to give up and lose all meaning. However, when adversity comes to a person with purpose, it becomes an entirely different thing, and life takes on a special meaning. “Purpose reframes adversity. Adversity comes to us all. Sometimes it comes to us in droplets – one at a time. But at other times, the floodgates open, and adversity surges over us like a rising river. We fear that we will be consumed, drowned, and swept away by it,” said Cornell Bunting. It’s true that no one on this Earth is exempt from adversity. Not even the richest people on the planet can escape the iron clasp of struggle. Money cannot give anyone the power to buy out of adversity and escape it. The only way to truly overcome it is to go through it bravely with perseverance and sheer faith. “The ultimate challenge for everyone is to simply let purpose guide them through adversity,” explained Bunting. “Adversity is not strong enough to destroy people unless they surrender to it. Through “Escaping the Darkness,” Bunting thoroughly hopes to create a long-lasting impact in the lives of his readers. He knows full well what it feels like to hit rock bottom, but he never let his circumstances faze him in the slightest. After finding his own purpose in the darkest time of his life, he hopes to spread his newfound knowledge to the world, so they may see the light and be enlightened, much like he has. To know more about the amazing Cornell Bunting, make sure to visit his official website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more live updates.

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