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Kid’s Corner

Heartbreak In “lion With No Roar”

The land of Zamundo was a faraway land, inhabited only by animals and ruled by a large but gracious lion, King Geoffie, and his wife, Queen Safara. King Geoffie and Queen Safara had ruled the land of Zamundo for many years quite happily, but feel incomplete without a cub. While deep in sleep one night, Queen Safara received a promise from the Gods, that she would one day soon have a cub, she and King Geoffie would need to believe in his ability, because the cub would be born without a roar, and in order to find his powerful voice that would lead the land, he would have to face many challenges. While King Geoffie and Queen Safara waited for the day when they would receive their blessing, King Geoffie’s younger brother, Victus grew content with each day that passed without the sign of an heir, for he would be next in line for the throne without a cub.