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A Man About His Dream

Author and motivational speaker Cornell Bunting connect to audiences through his words. The power of his writing inspires and entertains children and adults alike. His own harrowing story is one of survival, inspiration, and motivation.

Bunting was framed and spent time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He was clinically dead for 16 minutes before God’s miracle gave him new breath. Now, he shares his passion for people, children, and words through his books. His writing shares lessons of perseverance and triumph and inspires children and adults to live life to its fullest.

Bunting’s most popular children’s book, “Lion with No Roar: Finding his Calling,” mirrors his life, telling a story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Bunting, who was CEO of a security firm at the time, faced life in prison in 2013 on 16 charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possible murder. He served ten months behind bars and another two years fighting those charges. Bunting has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and other contracts. He won his fight on the third day of his trial in October 2015 when the witness giving testimony admit; he helps fabricate a story about Bunting’s involvement. The Father of three boys got released from jail, and his record expunged the following year.

While in prison, he reconnected with the written word. During his time behind bars, he authored four books.

Bunting lives to tell his most well-known story. In 2016, he was attending Next Level Church when suddenly he went into cardiac arrest. Medical experts on the scene said Bunting died for 16 minutes, with over 5,000 people watching. Suddenly, he came back to life, and a new journey was born.

The Fort Myers resident has continued to write, telling stories with intensity and compassion. He has written 27 children’s books and 16 novels, including a book about himself, called “Escaping a Life Sentence.”

A few of his books are available on, including “Lion with No Roar: Finding his Calling,” “Peedie likes the Drip Drops: Understanding the Drip” for children in kindergarten and the first grade, as well as “Bunt Walk: A collection of Poems” and “Nostril Adventures.”

Bunting was born in Jamaica and raised in Bristol, England. He always embraced writing and in high school was producing scripts for plays, performing numerous leadership roles and earning praise for his work.

Cornell wants to tell his story and share his books with as many children as possible to share his life’s lessons. His goal is to be in every school, continue to offer motivational messages, and share his books and his time at events throughout Southwest Florida.

Cornell Bunting

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As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course, many governments are implementing measures that limit the number of people congregating in public places and employ social distancing. Such measures have disrupted the normal functioning of schools, universities, and even businesses. Because the duration of such measures has been extensive—and is likely to continue in some countries for a specific time until a vaccine becomes readily available—people are looking for alternative methods to pursue education and to keep even their adult brains active. Learning should continue even in one’s home, and one right way to facilitate that is through reading books.

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“Escaping A Life Sentence” is a brutally honest story by Cornell Bunting, based on his real-life trauma of escaping a life sentence, both figuratively and literally. With God in his heart and determination in his mind, Bunting bravely tells his side of the story, a story filled with pain, misery, and suffering. However, strength and resolution also form a major part of Bunting’s story.

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