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The Artistry and Storytelling Prowess of Cornell Bunting: Winning the Hearts of Millions

We should not underestimate a writer’s role in society. Since the beginning, knowledge has been shared across generations, thanks to storytellers who used their artistry to pass on information and wisdom to the rest of the community. Writers often start writing in solitude, but once their work is done, they can only hope for it to be celebrated by the public. The world is full of people who make a valuable and essential contribution to society. There is no point in listing them here because everybody knows about them, and the list can never be exhaustive. But taking aside those people, let us highlight writers’ importance in society and talk of one such writer and creator who has risen from hardships and became a soulful author – Cornell Bunting. Cornell Bunting is a Jamaican author and motivational speaker based in the US who connects with his audiences through his words. The power of his writing inspires and entertains children and adults alike. His own harrowing story is one of survival, inspiration, and motivation. Cornell Bunting was born to Ruth Phoenix and Wilden Bunting on July 31, 1979. He grew up in Jamaica and then went to England, where he discovered a new passion for English literature and theater writing. In 2020, he graduated from Rasmussen University with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. He started his career in 1997 as a Bellman/valet at the Crown Plaza Resort, continued his Bellman Journey in 2001 at South Seas Resort on Captiva Island in Florida, then continued with his hospitality career at The Resort at Marina Village in 2009, where he worked for over two years, and won the Stars among Stars award in 2011. After he started his Security Company, he became an overnight success. Cornell was falsely accused in 2013 on 16 charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possible murder and was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. He served ten months behind bars in maximum security jail and another two years fighting those charges. Finally, in 2014, he got released from jail, and his record was expunged the following year. He is best known for his #1 book Escaping a Life Sentence and Escaping the Darkness, the autobiographical accounts that trace his journey of imprisonment on these false charges and how he dealt with the trauma that came along with it.   Literary Works At one point in life, Cornell got framed and spent time in jail for a crime he did not commit. He was clinically dead for 16 minutes before God’s miracle gave him a new breath. His books share his passion for people, children, and words. His writing shares lessons of perseverance and triumph and inspires children and adults to live life fully. Bunting is one of the well-known authors and has written 27 books for children, published 4 out of the 27, and written 23 novels, including his first best sellers Bunt Walk – A collection of poems and his big lousy action pack novel, The Bellman. He has gained mass public recognition for inspiring his readers and helping them understand the way of life. The Author has already written some of his notable works, some of which we have here for you. But, before all, Cornell Bunting is up with his newest book, the sequel to his best-selling work. “Escaping a Life Sentence” is his all-time best-selling literary work. The newest and the sequel is “Escaping the Darkness- using adversity to find purpose.” His novel describes the darkness he faced and the light that shone through to help him walk free from his jail cell. However, despite the adversities, it also freed his spirit to find his life purpose. “If we only had the wisdom and patience to intelligently and effectively explore our corner of the world, and ourselves, we would most likely find the riches we seek.” The Author’s words eventually show his power to influence and inspire through his impactful words. Bunting’s one of the most popular children’s books, Lion with No Roar: Finding His Calling, mirrors his life, telling a story of love, betrayal, and redemption. While in jail, he authored four other books. His books share his life experience and inspire the readers, where he pens down some essential life lessons and motivational messages. Apart from writing, Bunting also runs a podcast show titled Stories to Create Podcasts, where he shares more insights about his work.   About His Latest Book The book mainly targets young adults and anyone facing adversity. As the Author tries to help people improve their lives, he hopes to become a well-known writer. He sees himself as becoming one of the best-selling Authors and the top motivational speaker in the coming five years. While proceeding, he seeks to show everyone how to turn adversity in their favor and use it to find their purpose. Bunting devotes himself to offering hope to people facing challenges beyond human power. He shows them the way of faith and hopes to those willing to rely on a greater power than anything in this world. He invites all on his journey to walk alongside him. The book points out things and reiterates how adversity can be overwhelming for anyone and the ripple effects it can have. It relates things adversity can do – illuminating priorities, teaching perseverance, uncovering purpose, clearing out complacency, training the soul, conquering fear, creating a new path, clarifying vision, strengthening the foundation, and reinventing a whole life.   The Writing Process and Its Impact He craves to share meaningful and impactful words with his audience, not just to shine a light on himself and his work. Such is Cornell’s impact: his well-chosen words breathe hope into them when their spirits are broken, revive them when their bodies are weary, lift them when they lose themselves in an ocean of despair, redeem the wrong they feel, and make them stronger than they know. At a basic level, Cornell is someone sharing something with someone else, making connection a vital component of the pursuit. The possibility that his books can be profoundly moving or at least interesting and informative to a reader is a prime motivation for him to keep writing. Through his work, he has the potential to bond with far more people than he can in real life, a perspective that recasts his writing as a solitary and lonely exercise. Instead, from an expression of Cornell’s creativity, it shifts to a builder of relationships. Cornell Bunting uses writing as a liberating force instrumental in exploring his true self. Writing serves as a therapeutic release for Cornell, and he finds his profession ideal for maintaining a sense of psychological well-being. For Cornell, writing is a search for something meaningful, a longing to create something of value and impact. There is an intimate relationship between him and the reader. So he makes the first move and takes the first leap of faith, releasing his inner makings to the world for all to see. “There is a great risk when writing and releasing content freely and openly. Content can be received graciously and given applause or dismembered and torn apart by readers and reviewers. Writing is a journey with unique ups and downs,” says he. Cornell Bunting’s writing takes you out of your comfort zone. It is the push, the striving, the discomfort. But, to be frank, he writes because situations in life pushed him beyond the barriers of everyday existence into a world of opportunity, an infinite variety of maybes and what-ifs. A vast plain of words that might describe the world in which he lives. For Cornell Bunting, no two days are the same. His path may not always be smooth and predictable, but new sights exist. “There is always more to explore. Like any great journey, writing is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like a roller coaster; other times, it is like riding a donkey. It is an isolated but far from lonely experience,” says he. With Cornell’s words and fellow travelers/readers to keep him company, adventure lurks around every corner. His writing can never be a waste of time because it takes you to places you would never go. Determined to inspire the upcoming generations through the lessons he learned from his life experiences, Cornell started carving his path by socializing and indulging in the community. Soon people quickly started to recognize him as an influencer and an empowerment icon. He is one of the most well-known personalities on social networking sites and a pioneering influencer worldwide. He has 81.3K followers on Instagram due to his success and outstanding work.   EHAS – Everyone Has A Story that inspires Apart from his world of words, he is focused on humanitarian work so that the needful can create a story in the future. EHAS or Everyone Has A Story, is a foundation dedicated to donating and stories to create. EHAS is on the cutting edge of delivering the most effective support services to underrepresented youth in various constituents. However, the industry’s focus on providing youth with adequate mentoring services has declined as it has transitioned to become more tailored to developing adult leadership. To know more, follow the link The words of motivational speakers inspire the world. Irrespective of any topic they may choose, they never run out of words to pour into their listeners’ ears. Whether writing or speaking, they seem to draw everyone’s attention who engages in reading their writings or listening to their speeches. We have one such great speaker and Author for you here who is not tired of inspiring the mass for years. He is someone whose life revolves around words and books. He delivers a speech that makes people think of his passion for speaking. The knowledge he used to impart is quite remarkable and keeps his audience spellbound and inspiring.

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