By Cornell Bunting

Escaping a Life

From Ivy League to International Fugitive

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A Man About His Dream

Author and motivational speaker Cornell Bunting connect to audiences through his words. The power of his writing inspires and entertains children and adults alike. His own harrowing story is one of survival, inspiration, and motivation.

Bunting was framed and spent time in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He was clinically dead for 16 minutes before God’s miracle gave him new breath. Now, he shares his passion for people, children, and words through his books. His writing shares lessons of perseverance and triumph and inspires children and adults to live life to its fullest.

Cornell Bunting

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Escaping a Life

After escaping a prison sentence, Cornell Bunting finds himself in a complicated time, as he died for sixteen minutes. After death knocked at his door, Cornell finds himself in between worlds, trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not. The chaos brought him closer to God and his purpose. Thinking back on the situation, Cornell wondered what got him into his life-changing situations. After spending ten months in jail, facing 32 years to a life sentence, getting out of jail, and stressing on his role as a father of three boys, what caused him to die? How will he escape his life sentence of the mind after escaping a life sentence in prison? The drama unfolds as Cornell’s memory goes on a quest to resolve his mental life sentence. God has given him a second chance at life to get on the path to his true destiny, understanding everything in this world is temporary. Escaping a life sentence of the mind starts with letting go of self and the temptations of the world.

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You are a phenomenal speaker my friend. You should consider teaching..One of my students thought that you are teaching in FGCU and wanted to register for your classes. When I asked why, the answer was “he is passionate in his delivery and so inspirational”. Thanks for imparting your amazing knowledge and experience so passionately. Love you brother

I must say Cornell is a true visionary leader, he stands out from others by his visions, I wouldn’t say his intelligence have much to do with his actions.

Me and my friends ran into Cornell at LEGO-LAND, something about him made me and my friend wanted to say hi, we did and he is an awesome dude to talk with. He sounds very creative, has a lot going on, we are looking forward to his video game that he has coming out. we will be following him closely. A cool soul.

I have known Mr. Bunting to be an exceptional performer. More important, Cornell demonstrates passion, enthusiasm, and dedication while at the same time performing high levels of leadership skills that enhance his individual work and teamwork.In fact, I have witnessed others who come to work being more productive, happier and with less stress simply because of Mr. Bunting’s teamwork approach to job assessment, design, development, implementation and evaluation. He not only works well with everyone as a calm respected team player, but also as a thoughtful team leader, who is appreciated by others who he helps daily to reach personal goals.

Mr. Bunting also exhibits a high level of integrity and commitment to his work. He has excellent communication and preparation skills and is well versed as a content expert on many subjects including problem solving and teambuilding. Frankly, he takes his work and leadership skills very seriously.

Mr. Bunting would definitely be an asset to any field he becomes involves with and to any organization that helps others seek positive change.

In my opinion, Cornell’s unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to his life’s purpose and as a person of excellence and passion for excellence show strong morals and character. He is a trustworthy individual. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Cornell anytime.

If you have any questions regarding Cornell or this recommendation, please contact me.

Cornell W Bunting.


Aron Arnold
Media Personel

Robert Allen Fahey, Ph.D.
Robert A. Fahey, Ph.D.
Professor of Social Psychology, Career Success
Former Dean of Academic Affairs

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The land of Zamundo was a faraway land, inhabited only by animals and ruled by a large but gracious lion, King Geoffie, and his wife, Queen Safara. King Geoffie and Queen Safara had ruled the land of Zamundo for many years quite happily, but feel incomplete without a cub. While deep in sleep one night, Queen Safara received a promise from the Gods, that she would one day soon have a cub, she and King Geoffie would need to believe in his ability, because the cub would be born without a roar, and in order to find his powerful voice that would lead the land, he would have to face many challenges. While King Geoffie and Queen Safara waited for the day when they would receive their blessing, King Geoffie’s younger brother, Victus grew content with each day that passed without the sign of an heir, for he would be next in line for the throne without a cub.

Just as foretold by the Gods, in early spring, the cub, Buptavius was born. He was a well-liked cub, with many little lion friends, and as they grew, they spent many hours exploring and playing, growing their confidence, and little Buptavius didn’t even knew he was missing his roar. It wasn’t until his uncle Victus overheard a conversation between King Geoffie and Queen Safara about their concern that the other animals may lose respect for Buptavius when they learned he had no roar. Soon after, Victus used Brutus, one of the cub friends of Buptavius, to unknowingly reveal his weakness, and in turn embarrass him and cause him to lose the respect of the other animals. In his sadness, Buptavius retreats from his friends, where in his seclusion, his uncle takes advantage of him and leads him to an area in the forest where he fell into a trap and is captured and was whisked off to be the upcoming star in the lion exhibit at the zoo.

With Buptavius gone, King Geoffie and Queen Safara became heart-broken, distracted, and not fit to run the country. Just about the time King Geoffie was ready to turn over control to Victus, the zoo keepers had become fed up with their growing lion who would not make a peep; without his roar, Buptavius was not the star they expected him to be. So they packed up Buptavius and returned him to the jungle, with the intent of replacing him with another. Returning to face challenge from his uncle, he didn’t mind, for he had learned discipline and was happy he brought joy back to the face of his parents, Buptavius started to see his purpose and would later found his calling.

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