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Cornell Bunting Writes Book On Finding Purpose Amidst Adversity

At one point or another, everyone goes through trials and challenges; such is the nature of life. For some, experiencing setbacks may feel like the end of the world. However, for motivational speaker and writer Cornell Bunting, each person is responsible for charting the course of their lives and, therefore, how they deal with adversities that may come determines the kind of future they will have. The best-selling author of Escaping a Life Sentence is back with a second installment called Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose. Through this book, he aims to educate people on overcoming hardships and finding lasting happiness. Taking inspiration from his life, the wordsmith talks about a significant aspect of life that is often left unspoken – finding one’s purpose.
Most people assert that having a purpose is the most essential thing to have, and living a life devoid of meaning is pointless. Most of the world’s greatest minds even agree that having a purpose and sticking with it no matter what can help a person overcome even the biggest obstacles. But, at the same time, finding a goal does not come easy for everyone. However, Cornell Bunting learned firsthand that in life, people should not go looking for their purpose. Instead, they have to slow down and listen to what life tells them because a person’s path is already carved even before they take their first breath. Like most people, he used to struggle to try to figure out his goals in life. Surprisingly, his purpose manifested to him amidst one of the most challenging moments in his life and at a time when he was not searching for it. Looking back on his story, the writer recalled, “In the darkest desert and through the wilderness of adversity, I discovered the path meant for me. After months in the darkness of a jail cell, the light of my purpose shone through for me to see. I discovered that I am a storyteller.” Since then, he has made it his advocacy to become a beacon of inspiration for others. He wants to share his story with the world so people feel empowered knowing that they can conquer any problems they are going through. Naturally, people fear the day they get struck with tragedy as it is often unpleasant and difficult. But from his experiences, the author realized that adversity is a great equalizer because it does not consider an individual’s background, circumstances, and financial status; everybody is bound to experience it. Above all, what separates successful and happy people is not their intelligence or strength; it is their faith that their purpose will guide them through any adversity that may come. In the foreseeable future, Cornell Bunting hopes that by continuing his advocacy, he can inspire more people and become one of the top motivational speakers in the world. He plans to continue creating and sharing powerful stories that inspire. Learn more about Cornell Bunting and his latest work, Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose, by visiting his official website.

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