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Cornell Bunting Teaches Readers How To Use Adversity To Find Their Purpose Through His New Book Escaping The Darkness

New York Weekly After the phenomenal success of his memoir titled Escaping a Life Sentence, book author Cornell Bunting is back with another remarkable book that is guaranteed to open readers’ minds to their real purpose in life. Escaping the Darkness is designed to help people see adversities from a better perspective, that is, one that will build them up instead of breaking them down. In doing this, Bunting hopes to guide people into discovering their real and bigger purpose in life so that they can become more productive, fulfilled, and successful. Cornell Bunting’s extraordinary life experiences make him such an inspiring person to learn from as his words penetrate deep into his readers’ souls. From being incarcerated and sentenced to 32 years to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit to being clinically dead for 16 minutes, Bunting has emerged a victorious person throughout these life-changing experiences. After surviving death, he awakened with a new revelation of how precious life is and how people should make the most of their time here in the world doing what truly matters most. He writes passionately in order to be a positive influence on young adults and adults alike. In a world filled with pain, struggles, and conflict, Cornell Bunting brings a message of hope through Escaping the Darkness. It is only by living purposefully that people will find meaning in their existence. “Life is about one thing above all else: purpose,” Cornell Bunting explained. “For the one who has found his or her purpose, life is beautiful. For the one who is living devoid of purpose, life can be an intolerable hell. When adversity comes to a person without purpose, life seems pointless. When adversity comes to a person with purpose, life takes on special meaning. Purpose reframes adversity. Adversity comes to us all. Sometimes it comes to us in droplets – one at a time. But at other times, the floodgates open, and adversity surges over us like a rising river. We fear that we will be consumed, drowned, and swept away by it.” According to Cornell Bunting, adversity cannot be escaped even by the richest people in the world. They cannot buy their way out of it. The only way to overcome it is to go through it bravely with perseverance and faith. The ultimate challenge for everyone, he believes, is to simply let purpose guide them through adversity. He further adds that adversity is not strong enough to destroy people unless they surrender to it. Even as people walk through what seems like a wilderness devoid of life and comfort, Cornell Bunting believes in miracles, that even in the desert, streams of living water can come forth. Through Escaping the Darkness, he intends to help people see that quite often, it is adversity that clarifies peoples’ purpose. Bunting is convinced of this belief because it also happened to him. He found his purpose during the darkest, most heartbreaking, and hopeless season of his life. Had it not been for his wrongful conviction and experience of dying, he would not be speaking to audiences the way he does today and writing fervidly to impact lives. Learn more about Cornell Bunting by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for updates on his latest projects.

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